2021 Art Journal Challenge, Day 3: Filling an Art Journal

You already have everything you need.

A few supplies, and YOU - your beautiful heart that's waiting to be expressed. 

Are you ready to start playing with some simple ways to put you into your journal?

There are just two more things that you need to supply:

  1. Time, and
  2.  Place.

Time: On day one, you saw that a contour drawing can take five minutes. On day two, the watery rainbow of color maybe took 5 minutes too. Another 10 minutes to doodle on top. You don't need great big blocks of time. 

Place: If it's possible, it's really nice to have a space that is just for art-making. I love it when I can sit down with supplies at hand and I don't need to spend a bunch of time setting up. If you can't carve out a dedicated space, maybe you could have an art basket where all your supplies live, all in the same place. Or an art bag (like mine) that is ready to go out the door with you at a moment's notice.

The goal is to be ready

Be ready when the urge strikes, when you have an idea, when you have 10 minutes.

Now, what to do with that blank page? That's where we'll start today.

For Day 3, you can play with watercolor in one of the above projects, or you can choose from any number of other ways to start filling your pages...

So glad I didn't throw this away.

I mentioned "Praying in Color"- Here's the book about it.