Get to know Elaine a bit better

Would you call yourself an artist? 

I believe that every single person’s answer should be, “Yes!”

We all have creativity inside of us—it’s simply a matter of rediscovering the artist we have always been.

Why am I so confident in this?

In my many years of teaching art, I have seen firsthand my students go from doubt to belief, from questioning whether they were creative to seeing themselves as the true artists they are.

I want you to experience this joy of creating!

I’ve loved creating art since I was a small child, using the chalk from a broken wall to draw on the slate sidewalk in front of my home. As a teenager, I was tasked with teaching arts and crafts for children’s summer camps. 

Now, I lead art classes and workshops in my community and online, bring art curriculum to active senior centers, and run art programs for kids.

In addition to teaching, my long career as an artist has included illustrating an international children’s magazine and sharing my paintings in public and private spaces across the U.S.: including Joy Gardens in California, the Brentwood Library in Tennessee, and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville.

These days, I’m happiest guiding others—like you!—to discovering and developing confidence in their creativity.

There are so many ways to make art… let’s create something beautiful together!