Have Tons of Fun Making Art That You’re Proud Of!

You yearn to express your creative voice, but you may be wondering where to begin!

In our easy classes, you can become familiar with different tools and materials

and become confident in your ability to use them.

I’m so excited for you – you have a unique creative voice that you want to express! And I understand how confusing it can be to get started.

A trip to an art supply store – either in-person or online, can be overwhelming…

so many choices!

Do you want to paint? There are so many kinds of paint! And then what brushes should you buy?

Maybe drawing should be first… Pencils? Charcoal? Markers?

And then what surface to work on…Canvas? Paper? What kind?

So many paths can stop you, and you may try one thing and decide you don’t like it AFTER investing in supplies.

You may be watching lots of YouTube videos, or even trying a few courses, but still are unsure. You’re not alone…there’s so much information, and some of it just doesn’t get you where you want to be – in a confident place, having fun, using materials that you love, and then freely creating to show your artistic vision and what’s in your heart.

Well, I’m SO GLAD that you’re here, because I can help and guide you! I can explain different mediums and how you use them, give you buying suggestions, and walk you through some projects, making everything super easy! Your confidence will grow as you believe in your ability and answer the call of your yearning. Let’s make some beautiful art together.