Online Classes To Help You Reclaim Your Creativity
Have tons of fun making art that you’re proud of!

Which type of paint is perfect for you? 

Get my free guide to the 3 major paint types and choose your favorite fit.

Do you want to express your creative voice, but you aren’t sure where to begin? 

Getting started in art can be confusing. 

You might have so many questions.
Which paints do you purchase—oil, acrylic, or watercolor?
Which brushes do you buy—fan, flat, or angular?
What about drawing—pencils, charcoal, or markers?
What surface do you work on—canvas,  paper, or metal?And then when you face the blank canvas in front of you… where do you even begin?

Creating art shouldn’t be overwhelming.
Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place to start.
Start in Art will teach you how to have tons of fun making art that you’re proud of!
Our online classes will show you:

- How to create beautiful art pieces using different mediums

- The tools and methods to use for each technique

- Methods to express the artistic vision on your heart with confidence

Whether you are new to art or a seasoned artist, our classes will introduce you to new methods and help you sharpen your craft, all while having so much fun from the comfort of your own home!

Create Work Like This...

Chalk Pastels

Painting Without Paint

Easy Metal Tooling

Easy Metal Tooling

Using some colorful papers

Chalk Pastels

With these fun online classes you'll discover how easy it can be

to joyfully create art, like these happy students

"Elaine was able to take me from a person sitting before a blank canvas to a woman who saw herself as an artist! I created a beautiful seascape that gives me such a feeling of pride.  Thank you, Elaine for bringing out such talent in me – yes, Me!  

I still can’t believe it!" 

- Jane Meade

“Elaine Allen is the teacher I have been looking to find for years.  I have taken several classes over the years but with Elaine I feel a real sense of accomplishment and growth in my art.  I would usually throw away the pieces I made in classes. But with Elaine’s classes I have finished works I am proud of.  She has a knack for really inspiring her students to create.  I would recommend any class you can take with Elaine. She has impressed me in a variety of mediums.  She has even helped me impress myself!  T

hank you Ms. Allen. Please keep doing what you do.” 

Vickie Frazier

"Elaine is patient, encouraging, and fun! She makes every class enjoyable, and I really like my finished work."  

Shirley Hansel

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Elaine, and I’m so excited to help you discover and express your unique creative voice!

You want to make art, and I’m here to make that easy for you.

I’ve had a long career in art-related fields, teaching art to all ages, illustrating an international children’s magazine, and painting works that hang in public and private spaces across the U.S.

In my many years of teaching and doing creative work, I’ve seen that it only takes the smallest nudge and a little instruction to let your creativity soar. 

It’s my prayer that my Start In Art online classes will show you how to express creativity in a way that makes your heart sing. Let’s make some beautiful art together!