Let Nature Inspire You – A Fun Fall Art Project

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Nov 10

Nature inspires us.

Have you noticed how your mood can shift when taking a walk through the woods, or sitting beside a lake shore, or even just admiring a beautiful landscape photograph?

There is something about nature that soothes the soul, calms the mind, and cultivates our creativity.

I believe that God, "The Master Artist," created in us the desire to represent His creation. The millions of pieces of landscape art that artists have produced over the years are a testament to that desire.

When I study some of His masterpieces and look closely at His architecture in nature, I'm awed by how efficient his designs are. A tree is one great example. The structure that makes possible its growth and survival is so perfect that we see it everywhere. We find it in every circulatory system - look at the human body or the lacy network in insect wings, in river systems, in the roots and leaves of every plant.

Let's make some art that showcases the beauty of a tree! Have fun creating this fall project with oil pastels.

When I do this project with children, I begin by telling them that “every leaf holds a tree.” I invite the children to gather leaves from the yard—the greater variety of shapes and sizes, the better.

leaf samples

Flip the leaves over so the smooth side is against the table, then place a sheet of paper over the leaves.

Using soft oil pastels, do a rubbing to reveal the leaf’s network of veins. They look just like tree branches, don't they?

But don’t stop there!

Once you have the leaf structure revealed, you can build upon it to create a beautiful autumn scene using the leaf rubbing as a base for your piece.

There is so much pleasure in producing a brilliantly colored piece like this - and oil pastels make it easy.

Autumn is one of nature’s showiest seasons. With the brilliant colors of the leaves, the shifting of the light, the cooling of the air; this season can be a deep well for the creative spirit to draw from. Spend some time outdoors and allow nature to inspire you!

You can learn to create more with oil pastels

Buttery and blendable, vivid and versatile, they are a fun tool for creating beautiful art!

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