3 Ways to Nudge Creativity When You Feel Stuck

By Elaine Allen | Uncategorised

Nov 17

We are all creative beings—this is something that I firmly believe in. 

As children, we created without inhibition, whether it was coloring a picture on paper, making a mud pie, or maybe we were the child offering some “home renovations” by taking a crayon to the wall… much to our parent’s disapproval!

But as we grow up and get into the routine of schoolwork, jobs, and household responsibilities, our creativity can fall down our list of priorities—or be removed from it entirely.

Our souls long to create! But how do you begin creating again when you feel low on inspiration?

Even if you are someone who creates regularly, there are times when it seems that the creative well is running dry. I have been there before, and I completely understand. No matter how long you have been creating art of any sort, there will be moments where you need to inspire your creativity.

Of course, there are SO many ways to inspire creativity, as long as you remain curious and open as you go about your day.

To give you some ideas, these 3 ways to inspire creativity are some of my favorite methods to get me out of a creative “rut” and return to my art brimming with inspiration:

Be inspired by the creativity of others

Visit your local gallery or museum to seek inspiration from other artists’ works. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciating the works of others can give you exactly the creative boost you need!

But don’t limit yourself to only visual works of art. A beautiful piece of music or a book from a favorite author can inspire your creativity just as much as viewing a Claude Monet impressionist painting can.

Take a walk in nature

Nature—the original creation.

Taking a moment to step outside our technology-heavy world and back into the land of trees and flowers and bird calls will not only soothe your soul, but also refill your creative well. 

A lot of visual art methods are about observing, recreating, and manipulating  what you see . Notice the way the sun’s light plays with shadows. From the soft light during dawn to the well defined lines from the sun's rays of mid-day to the saturated colors of the evening sunset, the light is always changing.

Some other visual art forms, however, are not focused on reproducing realistic images; instead, these forms may focus on communicating emotions and experiences through an abstract image. Even if this is the type of art you love to create, paying attention to the color spectrum of nature can still inspire you.

Plus, the act of walking will get your creativity flowing. Many great artists—whether visual artists, writers, musicians, or other creators—have made taking a walk in nature a priority.

And now there is scientific evidence for what the greats have always known—walking really DOES assist in creative brainstorming.

Get out of your routine

Whenever you are engaged in a routine or habit your brain is often on “auto-pilot.” For instance, you may take the same roads to your various activities. Are you paying attention to that house on the corner with its hand-painted mailbox? Do you notice the woman drinking coffee on her porch swing with a spaniel by her side? 

Unless you are consciously making an effort to notice your surroundings on your daily outings, most likely you aren’t processing these things. Rather, your brain is probably going down your to-do list for the day or what you’re planning to make for dinner.

While our routines and habits may help us get through our days efficiently, they also run the risk of keeping us in a state of autopilot for most of the day.

But as I mentioned, art is all about noticing. A component of creativity is all about being open to the places, people, and ideas you encounter every day. 

To reignite your creativity, consider stepping out of your daily routine and doing something new. Take a walk down a street that you have never been on. Go to a new coffee shop for your morning cup. Explore a new part of town or try a new restaurant. 

Get out of your routine, and see how turning off autopilot can turn on your creativity!

What’s your favorite method for inspiring creativity? Do you practice any of the ideas I’ve listed or do you have other suggestions? Comment below and share how YOU inspire creativity!

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Elaine Allen is a lifelong artist who loves to share her love for art and her expertise with anyone who would love to discover their creativity.