A Little Story about Your Creativity

We are all born with our own unique creative energy. 

The Creator  – the Master Artist, infused that energy into every cell of our being.

You can see evidence of it many times
if you look back on your life.

Think back to your childhood play, when your imagination was full of fire…


did you ever make Snow Angels?

How about Sand Castles?sandcastle


Cook up some Mud pies?

Arrange Dinner Plate Scenery?

Did you pretend to be a Ballerina?


Or a Princess?

I’m guessing that you did at least one of these things –
And probably much more than one.

But as the years went by, even though that desire to be creative was still there, other things captured your time and attention.




But now, that creative desire is still there like a seed waiting to sprout,
and with a bit of cultivation, it can grow!

Amazing things start to happen as you nurture creativity…
You’ll find that other things grow too,

like self-confidence,

and communication skills,


problem-solving skills, and

a sense of adventure!


Another amazing thing about creativity:
it is therapeutic.

It can calm your emotions,
express your inner thoughts,
help you to process and make decisions
(all good for you)!


Where do you begin?
How…to be creative?

Creativity shows up in many ways:

Some people are masterful gardeners,

Some are incredible chefs,

others may be experts at putting together a serene and restful environment,

some are dancers, authors, musicians,

and some are Artists.


And if you feel the longing to create art, this site is for you.

You’ve found your way here,
and here is where you can learn ways to make a start.
On this site, you’ll find many ways to rediscover and cultivate your unique creativity.

That seed just needs a nudge.
With a little know-how, you can become confident!

Let’s look at some things you can try…
put pencil to paper,
or brush to canvas,
Get a little messy…

And play!

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