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Dec 21

The title of the email I received from a student today said "Watercolor."       Oooo, fun - I opened it right away! 

This was the message inside:


I want to share with you what I have been doing with my watercolor lessons.  Of course it is food coloring!                          

This is my creative outlet. Thanks so much for teaching me the basics.

                                                              Merry Christmas,                                                                                                    Lyn

Aren't these adorable? I am so impressed with Lyn's artistry and imagination, and her message sparked my curiosity - I wanted to see MORE Holiday food art!

Good ole Google didn't disappoint...and after about 20 minutes I found a post I wanted to share with you from Inspiring Pretty. First of all, the creations are delightful and practical. Second, they all look pretty doable. So, enjoy this little "taste" of Christmas cheer, and let me know if you decide to tackle any of these projects. That broccoli tree looks right up my alley.

Creative Christmas Food Art

Creative AND delicious Christmas to you!


Fruit Tree Photo credit: Saurabh Deoras

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Elaine Allen is a lifelong artist who loves to share her love for art and her expertise with anyone who would love to discover their creativity.

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Jane Meade December 23, 2018

Stunning!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this creativity and beauty!

    Elaine Allen January 8, 2019

    Inspiring, isn’t it Jane? I want to make one of those lovely trees.

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