Painting: Creating Your Pathway to Peace

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“What do I have to do right now to feel better?”

That’s been my most-asked question these last 8 months.

In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, when the next right thing is a big question mark, there is something you can do. You can make room for self-care, and a favorite self-care is Making Art.

Make Art = Feel Better

Art making is an effective go-to in stressful times because it’s therapeutic and gratifying. And if I had to choose a favorite art activity it would be painting. Why? It’s a super great outlet for expressing emotion. It helps you wade through a sludge pot of worry and sadness and other un-fun feelings.  And I have to tell you, you don’t have to call yourself an “artist” to paint.

So often I hear my students say that they haven’t been gifted with great artistic ability, but I want to tell you that you CAN say that you are “gifted,” because I believe that God gave each of us a remarkable gift: the desire to create. You do have that desire, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

When we don’t use that gift, we suffer – the same way that a person confined to a small space may feel pent up and off balance and out of sorts. When we live without expressing ourselves creatively, we may feel restless and empty. There’s something buried inside that longs to emerge.

So, how is painting a pathway to peace?

When you are completely engrossed in an activity like painting, your brain is making hundreds of micro-choices and decisions. Which brush to use, which color, how to hold and move the brush, color mixing…these things cause you to slow down and focus on each moment. You’re absorbing the experience with all of your senses, and you’ll experience an inner quietness as anxious thoughts fade to the background. I want this for you! But to get to this point it helps to become familiar with your tools and materials. Let me introduce you to them.

This class will open the door to the simple materials you’ll need in order to explore the world of painting. If you’ve ever ventured into an art supply store and been overwhelmed by the choices, I’ll remove the mystery so that you’ll know what to choose.

The 3 most beloved paint forms are Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor. You’ll learn the qualities that make each unique – and you’ll be able to decide which one resonates with you.

I’ll recommend specific supplies for each medium, and we will play together to experience what you’ve learned.

Class format

Session 1: An introduction to Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Painting tools and materials.

Session 2: Paint along with me, with examples of each medium

Sessions will take place on Zoom. Dates to be determined

Hi, I'm Elaine - and I'm thrilled that you're here!

You want to make some art, and I'd love to make that easy for you.

I've had a long career in art-related fields, teaching art to all ages, illustrating an international children's magazine, and painting works that hang in public and private spaces across the US.

These days I'm happy to guide others into being their already creative selves. I've created art curriculum for active senior centers, teach art in my community, and run art programs for kids. Bringing some instruction online helps me to reach YOU - it's my prayer that you can find a means of expressing yourself that makes your heart sing!


You'll be purchasing this online workshop entirely risk free. If, after giving this course a serious try, you feel like you have not enjoyed the workshop at all, send us a message within 10 days after your purchase, with a picture of what you have created and a brief description of where you got stuck, and we'll gladly refund your workshop fee.