A Whisper Or a Shout of Color! An Intro to Beautiful Chalk Pastels

A whisper or a shout of color


Their brilliant colors can pop right off the paper,or they can be used to produce the finest subtleties. My heart beats a little faster for soft chalk pastels...they are a uniquely beautiful medium to explore.

I'm so excited to share my love of them with you!

The class is taught in a series of short videos accompanied by text. There are photo examples as well.

In this online workshop, you'll...

  • discover the different forms this medium takes, and see how to use each one. 
  • Learn how to discern quality - the best pastels are highly pigmented and such fun to work with.
  • See how this medium plays with other materials, and learn which surfaces are ideal.
  • Learn the tools and methods to create a piece you can be proud of!

"Elaine was able to take me from a person sitting before a blank canvas to a woman who saw herself as an artist!                                            I created a beautiful seascape that gives me such a feeling of pride.
Thank you, Elaine for bringing out such talent in me – 
yes, Me! 
I still can’t believe it!"
Jane Meade

Here's what others created using this easy-to-learn technique:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this difficult to learn and do? The process itself isn't difficult  The materials are fun to use, and it's easy to get amazing results!

Are the materials expensive? The best quality chalk pastels can be expensive. However, there are student grade materials that are reasonably priced. I use a combination of grades in my own work, and  I provide buying suggestions and links to materials so that you'll know exactly what you need.

Do I need any previous experience creating art? This is perfect for you if you're just starting out, but even a seasoned artist will enjoy this as a way to create beautiful work.

What You'll Find Inside This Course:

  • Four short video lessons that very simply demonstrate and explain the materials and why I love them!. Total watch time is about 25 minutes.
  • Examples of finished works from my students and from professional artists
  • Supply list with links

Hi, I'm Elaine - and I'm thrilled that you're here!

You want to make some art, and I'd love to make that easy for you.

I've had a long career in art-related fields, teaching art to all ages, illustrating an international children's magazine, and painting works that hang in public and private spaces across the US.

These days I'm happy to guide others into being their already creative selves. I work to bring art curriculum to active senior centers, teach art in my community, and run art programs for kids. Bringing some instruction online helps me to reach YOU - it's my prayer that you can find a means of expressing yourself that makes your heart sing!


You'll be purchasing this online workshop entirely risk free. If, after giving this course a serious try, you feel like you have not enjoyed the workshop at all, send us a message within 10 days after your purchase, with a picture of what you have created and a brief description of where you got stuck, and we'll gladly refund you your workshop fee.