– Marvelous Mosaics!


Broken bits of glass, buttons, beads, and old china provide the gorgeous colors, and the images you'll produce are only limited by your imagination. This class is for you if you enjoy working in detail and can't wait to break a few plates!

In this online workshop, you'll...

  • discover your hidden creativity as you design a beautiful work of art with materials that you produce and find yourself.
  • Enjoy the process of planning and laying down color, gradually building an intricate work of art.
  • Find joy in creating a piece you can be proud of!

Here's some examples of this easy-to-learn technique:

The finished pieces sparkle with bits of colorful glass - just so beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this difficult to learn and do?

Are the materials expensive? 

Do I need any previous experience creating art? 

Hi, I'm Elaine - and I'm thrilled that you're here!

I've been an artist since I was a small child, using the chalk from a broken wall to draw on the slate sidewalk in front of my home...

and I've been teaching since I was a teenager, tasked with doing arts and crafts for summer kids camp. 

I've had a long career filled with lots of artsy stuff, from illustrating an international children's magazine to paintings hanging in public and private spaces across the US.

These days I'm happy to guide others into being their already creative selves. I work to bring art curriculum to active senior centers, teach art in my community, and run art programs for kids. Bringing some instruction online helps me to reach YOU - it's my prayer that you can find a means of expressing yourself that makes your heart sing!

When my students ask me what my favorite medium is, I say "The one I'm working with in that moment" because I enjoy so many of them. I love to draw, paint, and create, and I love to share what I know, too. There are many ways to make art...let's have some fun with them!


You'll be purchasing this online workshop entirely risk free. If, after giving this course a serious try, you feel like you have not enjoyed the workshop at all, send us a message within 10 days after your purchase, with a picture of what you have created and a brief description of where you got stuck, and we'll gladly refund you your workshop fee.