Magnificent Bird Sculptures From Upcycled Metals

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Dec 20

Makers are collectors. We look at things and imagine what they could be. I have boxes full of "stuff to use creatively somewhere someday."                                          So when I saw the work of South Carolina-based upcycling artist Matt Wilson, I smiled in recognition. This guy has been collecting metal scraps for years, always in search of the perfect piece to complete the perfect piece!

His birds are mind-blowingly beautiful, with graceful lines and personality. I'm a huge fan of bird art in general, and Matt's work in particular. It was a pleasure to read about him in an article by Emma Taggart at My Modern Met, because she added this insight to his creative process: "While working with metal requires a lot of patience and skill, creating art from recycled metal can take even more resilience and craftsmanship. Completing each upcycled sculpture requires not only waiting for the perfect piece of material, but the know-how to integrate it into the whole."

You can read her whole article at My Modern Met, where you'll see lots of pictures of his amazing work and find links to his Etsy shop, Instagram and Facebook accounts : Magnificent Bird Sculptures

There are SO MANY ways to express yourself with art. Matt's work is a fine example of one of them!

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Kimberley Wiggins December 20, 2018

This is so creative and so beautiful.

    Elaine Allen December 20, 2018

    I agree, Kimberley! I think it’d be fun to see the whole process of creating one piece. Imagining him hiking through piles in a scrapyard.
    Thanks for your comment.

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