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I'm curious, does this sound familiar:

You love having time to play and explore creatively, BUT you're not doing much to feed that inner desire for self expression.

If this is familiar, you're not alone. So many would-be creatives are in exactly the same place. But today I'd like to invite you to change that.

Elaine Allen’s 7-day Art Journal Challenge is happening January 21-27, and it was designed to help you kick your creative booty in gear. Over the course of the week, you will easily fill the pages of a journal with some colorful, fun art. You’ll not only have fun doing it, you’ll see that you’re more creative than you think!

Here's what you'll get:

Art Journal Material Suggestions/Shopping List

2 live Zoom sessions

Daily Video lessons and Email Inspiration prompts from Elaine

Space for sharing your Art Journal Pages in our Facebook private group

The 7 Day Art Journal Challenge is just $7 and is available

January 21-27, 2021

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p.s. Elaine will throw in some cool prizes in a drawing for challenge participants! Details will be shared during the challenge.

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I don't know about you, but I love a good challenge. Especially one that incorporates creative fun, expert guidance and a supportive, inspirational community. And that's exactly what artist Elaine Allen offers in her newest Art Journal Challenge running this January 21-27.

When you take the challenge, you’ll discover that you’re already very creative! There will be daily prompts and short instructive videos to make the process super easy.

I invite you to join the fun! Sign up here:


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You're more creative than you think. And expressing your creative self is REALLY good for you!
Science has proven that the act of engaging in a creative endeavor can lift your mood and emotions.

Think that might be valuable, considering the year we’ve just been through?
Are you willing to explore what a creative practice can do for you?

Elaine Allen’s 2nd annual Art Journal Challenge calls you to start with an easy Art Journaling practice you can try on for 7 days.

Ready? Please say YES! Let’s play and create together!

Join in and you'll be accepting my dare to do something creative each day for a week. Elaine will provide you with video prompts to help you every day and we'll be encouraging each other in our private Facebook group too.

The 7 Day Art Journal Challenge is just $7 and is available

January 21-27, 2021


Elaine says, "I keep a personal Art Journal that I use when I need to process something I'm thinking about. It's self care (maybe even self therapy) through art!"


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When it comes to your own regular art-making, half the battle is just giving yourself time to be creative. That's about to change thanks to the upcoming Art Journal Challenge offered by Elaine Allen. Details here: LINK

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