Art is Good Therapy

In this class we're using art's potential for communicating what's going on inside of us. Matters of the heart are often difficult to express with words, and art art can be an effective tool for expressing our feelings. Creative work is also wonderful self-care, because it gives us a way to release our emotions without having to put them into words. 

We're not aiming to produce an aesthetically pleasing end product, and we're not judging "how it looks." This means of expression is open to ANYONE, not just "artists." 

The few exercises we'll do are ways that I have personally used art to relax and work through emotions. I've also been with students that have seen transformations such as calm, comfort and even happiness from doing this work.

This first exercise I call "Gettin' the YaYas out!" 

It's great when you are angry or frustrated. Truly!

This next exercise is similar to the first one, but it ticks the energy down a few notches. We're introducing watercolor, one of my favorite painting mediums.

Now this next one is completely different. The whole process is so relaxing. I could do this for hours.

And finally, a few examples of patterning and slow drawing. These types of exercises are restful because they require your mind to focus. You are pulled away from upsetting brain activity and you find peace.

Here you'll find the materials I've used: