Art is Good Therapy!

There are some days...

Things are beyond your control and you're swimming in frustration. Or you're sad and disappointed. Or you're just plain overwhelmed.

That's when it's good to step away and make room for self-care, and one really effective option for self-care is Making Art!


Make Art = Feel Better

Art making is an effective go-to in stressful times because it’s therapeutic and gratifying. Why? It’s a super great outlet for expressing emotion. It helps you wade through a sludge pot of worry and sadness and other un-fun feelings.  

And I have to tell you, you don’t have to call yourself an “artist” to make art.

Some simple mark-making can be just so much fun and energetic, or it can be restful and meditative.

So, how in the world is this helpful?

When you are completely engrossed in a creative activity, your brain is busy with the task at hand, which causes you to slow down and focus on each moment. You’re absorbing the experience with all of your senses, and you’ll know an inner quietness as anxious thoughts fade to the background. It's a kind of magic.

This class will introduce you to a few simple ways to make art - I believe you'll enjoy them for long after our time together!

I’ll recommend some specific supplies and we will play together to experience what you’ve learned.

Class format

You'll receive an email from me with a simple materials list and Class date.

The live, over 2-hour class will take place on Zoom. I'll demonstrate each method and we'll have fun together - bring your curiosity and a willingness to play! 

It will be recorded so you'll always have access.

Hi, I'm Elaine - and I'm thrilled that you're here!

You want to make some art, and I'd love to make that easy for you.

I've had a long career in art-related fields, teaching art to all ages, illustrating an international children's magazine, and painting works that hang in public and private spaces across the US.

These days I'm happy to guide others into being their already creative selves. I've created art curriculum for active senior centers, teach art in my community, and run art programs for kids. Bringing some instruction online helps me to reach YOU - it's my prayer that you can find a means of expressing yourself that makes your heart sing!


You'll be purchasing this online workshop entirely risk free. If, after giving this course a serious try, you feel like you have not enjoyed the workshop at all, send us a message within 10 days after your purchase, with a picture of what you have created and a brief description of where you got stuck, and we'll gladly refund your workshop fee.