2021 Art Journal Supply List

 Art Supplies are oh, so much fun!

To begin a journaling practice you don't need too much.

Here you'll see some of the basic things you'll need.  As we move through the class I'll be introducing you to a variety of ways to make art. In each session I'll share links to any materials that you might want to try.

Although it's fun to play with different mediums, you can take your time to build up a supply collection, because high quality materials can be expensive.

Here are the "Getting Started" basics:

You should be able to find these at any craft supply store (Michael's and Hobby Lobby in the U.S.). The blue colored text is a clickable link, and below those there are links to Amazon and other suppliers.

1. You need a Watercolor Journal,  5.5 x 8.5" is a good size. Something easy to carry that isn't too big or small.

2. Drawing and writing tools such as pencils and pens.

3. Ways to add color!

And here are some specifics about the basics: 

The Journal

This needs to have thick paper for wet media, so you don't want to purchase a Sketchbook unless it has heavyweight paper. A sketchbook is usually made from thin paper, is used just for pencil and pen, and it won't work as well for what we'll be doing. For best results, the paper should be at least 140 lb.. There are Mixed Media journals available, and they are fine if you can find 140 lb paper (they are usually around 98 lbs, and this weight will buckle when wet).

Here are 2 journals I would recommend. You'll be good to go with anything that is similar.

Strathmore Watercolor Journal, Sewn binding, Landscape format

Strathmore Watercolor Journal - Wire Bound, Portrait format

The journal size and format is whatever you prefer. I like a sewn journal because they're great for 2 page spreads. A wire bound journal limits you to one page at a time.

Strathmore Watercolor Journal – Landscape sewn binding

Strathmore Watercolor wire bound journal  - Portrait

Drawing and writing tools and brushes

There are so many choices!

Essential: A pencil and eraser (you probably already have this), and a pen that is waterproof. I like these: Micron Pens – set of 3.

Also essential are some brushes. For travel, Water Brushes are great. Otherwise, just some assorted soft round brushes.

I like these Creative Inspirations brushes

Really nice to have: Uni-Ball Signo White Pen by Sakura

These next two are fun but not essential - I'll demonstrate them in one of our sessions:

 Elegant Writer

Sketch and Wash Pencil

Micron Pens – set of 3

Water brushes

Creative Inspirations brushes

Uni Ball Signo White Pen

Elegant Writer

Sketch & wash pencils


Essential: A Set of Watercolors. The key is that they be transportable, so you'll need a little half-pan set.  

If you already have  tube watercolor, they'll be fine to use for the challenge.

With a set of watercolors you can achieve so much variation in color. They are more transportable than a bag full of markers or colored pencils, although those are fun to have too.

Here are two choices for watercolor:

This set is very inexpensive and they'll work as an initial purchase: Prang Watercolors

This one is my favorite set. They are student grade but the quality is good, and they travel everywhere with me: Windsor and Newton Cotman Compact

Although you can find these on both Amazon and at Jerry'sArtarama.com, the link goes directly to Blick.com, where I found the best price

Here's an alternative to ordering from Amazon. Most of your basic supplies can be purchased at Jerry's Artarama online, but I can't link to individual products. You have to find them on the page.

Journal - either item V14820 or V14826  https://www.jerrysartarama.com/strathmore-softcover-journals

Watercolor - (the Cotman Compact set of 14 colors) - item 52532 https://www.jerrysartarama.com/winsor-newton-cotman-water-colour-sets

Creative Inspirations Brushes - set 87618 (these sets are on sale and you may want to get another assortment as well - be sure to get short handles)


It is so exciting to work with color - and there are a lot of mediums to play with. I'm going to introduce you to a number of them in this class, and I don't expect you to buy them all! It has taken me years to build up my supplies.

Here are some of the materials you'll see in our lessons: I'll add more on the days I demonstrate them.

Crayons. I have always loved getting a new box of Crayola crayons! These are still wonderful to work with and so inexpensive.

Gouache Tube Paint. Gouache is opaque watercolor and behaves differently than watercolor.

Gouache Pan Set.

Colored Pencils - small set - Prismacolor are my favorites

Markers. I like water based markers, mostly because a permanent marker is usually smelly. Also there are fun watercolor-like effects you can get with them.

A Glue Stick. For sticking fun ephemera into your journal



Gouache pan set

Colored pencils



Your Journal is a highly personal expression of yourself - and you will be drawn to try mediums that appeal to you, You may fall in love with them, and you may decide that meh, you don't like them so much. I'm excited to introduce you to them and see what you think!

For now, if you're just beginning, then keep it simple: Journal, pencil, pen, watercolor and brushes.

You might splurge on some crayons too. If you're happy with these materials, they'll be all you need.

I'm so looking forward to our creative play!


Some of the links you'll find on this page are affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I might earn a small commission. You won't pay more for a product because I am promoting it, Most of these products I use myself and like them!