Creative Play is not a luxury - 

it's a key to your well being!

It's time to honor your call to create. You are invited to join...

Enrollment opens up in May 2023

Space will be limited. Sign up below and we'll send you an early access invite well before we'll start promoting it publicly.

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What Happens in The Creative Well?

What is it? A weekly live Zoom event centered on art, conversation and community

What do I need to bring? Some art supplies and your beautiful self!

What should I expect to do? Say "hello!"   -   Create some art   -   Join the conversation 

Ask questions   -   Tell a story or a poem   -   Share a laugh (this happens a lot!)

Turn on your camera or not   -   Be inspired   -   Feel heard and loved 

The Creative Well is an online community of creative individuals (like you!).

We've carved out time weekly to spend time following our heart's call to create.

Why join us? You'll stop experiencing this:

  • Feeling alone on your creative path
  • Wasting money on supplies you don't use
  • Feeling a lack of guidance and inspiration
  • Seeing piles of art materials you're ignoring because you haven't made time for them
  • Feeling frustration with unfinished projects
  • Watching endless online videos yet still unsure about how to move forward
  • Feeling like your art is stupid

Let's Play & Create Together!

When you join The Creative Well, you're going to have time each week with me and other wonderful, encouraging creatives. We will meet in my Zoom Studio and work on our art projects together. 

It's a shared experience and it adds so much richness to our creative practice - sharing is often a great gift to us and others.

Together we'll celebrate what we've created and what it sparks for us going forward.

You may discover a love for a regular art practice that will enhance your life for years to come.

You have a yearning to be creative.

Yearning is a kind of homesickness. A deep longing. 

And it is persistent!  

It is or has knocked on your door in one form or another, and not once but many times. 

Time to Play  


Refresh Your Soul!

Your true creative self longs to play, explore and discover, because it is in doing your creative work that you are expressing who you actually are most.

How can you bring more creative time into your life?

It is my sincere honor to invite you to

The Creative Well for art-making inspiration, self expression and a true connection with others.

I understand how hard it is to set aside time for a creative practice. It becomes easy when you have a designated date and place and encouraging friends that support you.

Elaine Allen

This Is wonderful Self Care!

Countless times I have witnessed my students go from a place of distress to laughter, just minutes after picking up a paintbrush.

Art making is an effective go-to in stressful times - it’s therapeutic and gratifying.  Why? It’s a super great outlet for expressing emotion. It helps you wade through a sludge pot of worry and sadness and other un-fun feelings.  And I have to tell you, you don’t have to call yourself an “artist” to create art.

So often I hear my students say that they haven’t been gifted with great artistic ability, but I want to tell you that you CAN say that you are “gifted,” because I believe that you have been given a remarkable gift: the desire to create.

You do have that desire, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

When we don’t use that gift, we suffer – the same way that a person confined to a small space may feel pent up and off balance and out of sorts. When we live without expressing ourselves creatively, we may feel restless and empty. There’s something buried inside that longs to emerge.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

Dieter Uchtdorf

Why did I create "The Well"?

There are a few reasons that inspired The Creative Well, and probably the most influential one is that I'm familiar with the happy hum of activity that happens when artists are working together in the same space. I frequent a weekly painting group where we draw, paint, and build while we chat and share tips, laugh and fellowship. I love my time with these dear artists.

Another meaningful reason: I imagine The Well as a place of Well-ness. Doing creative work is nurturing and therapeutic. More of that, please.

Yet another reason is my own personal desire to commit to a creative practice. Having a protected time set aside on my calendar helps me to show up to nurture and enjoy my creative side.

So many wonderful reasons 

to spend time in creative play.

A regular creative practice gives you courage to try new things, to build your skills. It gives you time to enter a state of focus and presence where you forget your anxieties

and the mundane minutia of life. You may find yourself enjoying creative flow:

it is what one experiences when in the “zone” when fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of activity.

Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

It's your nature to be creative.

Sometimes you don’t quite know how to express that call that you feel inside you. It takes practice.

The challenge is setting aside time to nurture that part of you.

The Creative Well  will open up a place for you to carry out that call - because having it on your calendar helps you to show up for yourself.

You can enjoy expressing your creative side in a safe place where you can laugh and connect, and let go of all the heaviness in the world for a while. 

You'll be part of a community that gets you. They become your cheerleaders, and that makes a huge difference because you feel supported!

Bring a willingness to try new things - because we share with each other and get inspired by all the different ways to make art. You'll learn to trust your own creative process and knock down any barriers caused by insecurity. 

You'll celebrate the positive effects that come from the time we spend creating - it’s the EXPERIENCE that is restful, restorative, and therapeutic.

I invite you to see the value of making time for your creative self! 

In The Creative Well, you'll bring out your art supplies to play and experiment, and see what unfolds for you.

It's magical and fun, especially because we're all doing it together!

Like water refreshes the body, creativity refreshes the soul...

and we need this - especially now.

Throughout history, the community Well has been a daily gathering place for people to draw the water they needed to survive and thrive.

The Creative Well Membership is $29 per month and includes:

Weekly Zoom Studio Sessions

Your Spot In Our Community Of Like-Minded Creatives In Our Private Facebook Group, where live lessons are presented monthly.

Material Suggestions, Instruction & Demonstrations

Questions and Answers:

This sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm not really an  artist. Do I even belong here?

Fun is what this is all about - fun and self-care, because art-making is great therapy! It will give us time to love our creative work and enjoy ourselves just as we are.

What are we going to DO?

We're going to talk and share and create together. You can use the time to do work you're familiar with if you want to relax deeply, or you may get inspired to break into new territory and explore fresh methods or materials.   I'm inviting you to bring whatever art materials you own and work on creating what you want.  Our community has painters and quilters and knitters, and many other creative practices!

I'll share what I'm working on and certainly will be letting you in on my creative process, but this isn't going to be a class structure. Sometimes I'll send you a photo I'm painting from and will let you know what medium I'm planning to use. That way if you want to paint along you can be set up and ready.

How will we get together?

We'll meet online in my Zoom studio every week, on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

There are also live sessions monthly in the Facebook group. These are recorded.

Do I need to be at every session?

Come whenever you can. It's just so nice to be together. 

Are our sessions recorded?

No, the Zoom sessions will not be recorded.

This ensures that the sessions are kept private. 

How much does it cost?

The price is $29 per month, billed automatically every month. You can cancel your membership at any time. The price will eventually increase, but your membership fee will not change as long as you remain a member.

Is there a time/place to ask questions or get help?

There will be time during our live sessions to ask questions, and there will be lots of interaction in our private Facebook Group.

I'd so love to have you join me at The Well!

Enrollment opens up in May 2023

Space will be limited. Sign up below and we'll send you an early access invite well before we'll start promoting it publicly.

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