I Want You To Know You're More Creative Than You Think

So many people have picked up the idea that they're just not that creative, they think of other people as being artists and creatives but not themselves. I would love to introduce you to your creative self and I have a way to do so.

Join Me For A Free 7 Day Art Journal Challenge!

I've been teaching art to people of all ages throughout my life and recently had the pleasure to take a group of 8 women to Venice, Italy for a retreat. As a way of leaning into creativity and documenting our experience, we kept an art journal of our days.

I loved how unique every person's art journal became! They filled the pages with their thoughts and views and experiences. When I showed my own Venice art journal to others upon return, I had several people ask me if I would consider offering an art journal class.

This 7 Day Art Journal Challenge is my answer: Yes, I will!

There Are So Many Wonderful Reasons To Start & Keep An Art Journal!

I keep a personal Art Journal that I use when I need to process something I'm thinking about. It's self care (maybe even self therapy) through art!

This Holiday Season Will Stir Up Lots Of Emotions.

Imagine the value of taking time for yourself through the holiday season, opening up your art journal to play and experiment and see what unfolds on the page. It's magical and fun.

Art is a stress reliever!

Let's Play & Create Together!

This is how the 7 Day Art Journal Challenge will work:

When you sign up for the free challenge, I'm going to provide you with a simple list of suggested materials to gather and have ready for our time together.

Starting Wednesday, December 11th, I'm going to host a group Zoom Room session to share advice and inspiration to get us all started.

Every day during the challenge, I'm going to share my art journal pages with you - sometimes I'll share my creation process, other days I'll just loop you in to see what I created and what I used, what I was thinking and feeling.

I invite you to do the same, come into our community Facebook group and share your art journal pages with all of us. This shared experience is going to add so much richness to the practice. In the long run, most of our art journal pages are just for us - but sharing is often a great gift to us and others.

I'll host a closing Zoom Room session on Tuesday, December 17th. We'll celebrate what we've created and what it sparks for us going forward. You may discover a love of art journaling that will bless your life for years to come. 

Say Yes Right Here!

To Recap, The 7 Day Art Journal Challenge Includes:

Art Journal Material Suggestions/Shopping List
Two Live Group Zoom Room Sessions
Daily Email Inspiration Prompts From Elaine

Space For Sharing Your Art Journal Pages

The Free Challenge Runs December 11th - 17th, 2019

Elaine Allen

Filling the pages of a journal is relaxing, fun and good therapy! I'm sure you'll be amazed at how creative you already are.


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